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Quicklet Payments

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Quicklet System Overview

Instead of cash or coupons, Quicklet offers prepaid Qcards that come in many shapes be it cards, key chains or wrist bands. Your customers will charge their Qcards at the begining of the event and pay at all retail outlets that will be using our user friendly iPad application equiped with Qcard readers.


More Sales

Card payments sales are always higher than cash or coupon based sales.



Find out valuable information about sales by customer and by item.


Limit Spending

With children you can set a daily limit for how much they can spend.


Prohibit Items

Prohibit items based on age, diet or health such as diabetes or allergies.



The system is affordable regardless of the size of your establishment. You are charged a small fee per guest with no setup fees.



Security is our number one priority. Your information as well as your money secured with highest levels of encryption.



Quicklet is not a rigid system that can only be used in one way. Our team of developers will customize it in any way to fit your needs.


Easy Setup

The system needs minimal setup. All you need is an ipad with 3g connectivity at each of your sales outlets and we will take it from there.

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